Luc Danneels – Photography

Luc-danneelsLuc Danneels is a flemish amateur photographer, he loves capturing alived nature, landscapes, action sport and instant moment. Luc also developped some personal Art Photography.

Photography is also a way for him to fight against cancer and express his personal feeling and moods.  Some picture of his portfolio already win some awards and prices.

« I’m already fighting cancer over almost 5 years now. For me, at the moment photography means studio photography. Because I can’t go out anymore, this as a result of my illness.  
I’m a father of two daughters and a son, and I’m a grandfather of 7.
Years ago, I already practiced some photography, but it was just for a short time. As there was a kind of interest in all sorts of things. (model construction, radio amateur, fishing,…)
I found my way back into photography since 2006. I started with a Sony DSC-R that gave me great pleasure.  As it was a bit limited in using exchangeable lenses, I started using a Nikon D80.
I prefer taking pictures of butterflies and all sorts of insects. But this doesn’t mean I don’t try anything else. »


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