RewildOutfit is an ethical activewear brand imagined by a passionate dolphins expert, Alexae Wittock.

Alexae Wittock has worked for many years as a dolphins caretaker in controlled environments.

As a result of her various experiences, she and a team of experts have decided to create a rehabilitation center in a natural, protected and enclosed environment.

Her goal? Reinsert dolphins from marine parks into the sea.

In 2019, she creates the association W Reef and surrounds herself with professionals and marine mammal enthusiasts.

Recycling and giving a second life to a material that is not biodegradable into a hyper resistant, fine, elegant, stretchy, soft and breathable fiber, shows the perfect outfit!

From there, it was only a step for Alexae to decide, at the same time, to launch a sustainable activewear brand which would serve her in her work as a dolphins expert, and which would allow her to contribute to the efforts of these associations.

Discover now that sustainable activewear brand, RewildOutfit:

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