• RewildOutfit.com


    RewildOutfit is an ethical activewear brand imagined by a passionate dolphins expert, Alexae Wittock. Alexae Wittock has worked for many years as a dolphins caretaker in controlled environments. As a result of her various experiences, she and a team of experts have decided to create a rehabilitation center in a natural, protected and enclosed environment. Her goal? Reinsert…

  • Billy.be –  The Original Surfshop

    Billy.be – The Original Surfshop

    Billy.be is an online webshop selling watersports and Urban mobility products (electric scooters). That website was created to replace billykite.be, trottishop.be, rollingstock.be, wakeshop.be and unhooked.be. We moved and migrate the website from woocommerce plateform to shopify. We set that online webshop up and all the back-end requests from our customer: Point of Sales, custom invoices,…